Python Face Recognition SDK Release

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Good news! CompreFace Python SDK is live! Now it’s easier than ever to integrate face recognition into your application. The development kit supports all of CompreFace’s face recognition functionality, including those that we introduced in the 0.5 version.

Easy Requirements

All you need to do to use CompreFace Python SDK is run CompreFace instance and Python 3. For specific instructions, visit our github page.

To install CompreFace, follow our getting started guide.

Fast Installation

It’s easy to add our face recognition SDK to your project. All you need is to run the “pip install compreface-sdk” command, or just add “compreface-sdk=0.1.0” to your “requirements.txt” file.

Detailed Examples

You can find detailed examples of how to use facial recognition, facial identification and facial detection services using our Python SDK on our github page.

If you are new to our face recognition solution, explore CompreFace github. If you need Javascript SDK for integrating facial recognition to websites or NodeJS servers, visit our CompreFace JavaScript SDK repository. For more information on CompreFace Python SDK, visit this page.