The Exadel Products and Platforms Practice

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We recently announced our new Products and Platforms Practice. This solution offering skillfully combines people, processes, and technology to help customers execute on the most cutting-edge software engineering plans in industries like healthcare, retail, financial services, mobile, and more. Within the practice, product and platform development are treated as two separate entities, because of the unique DNA required for each domain. As a follow-up on the announcement, we sat down with Dmitry Binunksy, VP Products and Platforms, to ask some questions about the practice, trends in product and platform engineering, and more.

What is Exadel’s Products and Platforms Practice? What services or solutions are provided in this practice?

We can take products and platforms from the initial idea stage and collaborate with customers on building out detailed requirements, forming dedicated teams, establishing a development process, and forming lines of consistent communication to see the project to the end. Exadel covers all aspects of DevOps, development support and long-term support after going into production. Within the practice, products and platforms are treated as two separate entities, because we realize that each domain requires its own DNA (skills, culture, and ability to communicate on all aspects of development).

What makes Exadel’s Products and Platforms Practice unique?

Besides creating many products for our customers over the past 20+ years, we have also built our own products—starting with Exadel Studio, which is now Red Hat Dev Studio, to the most recent,, which is a mobile development platform that we run in the cloud. This platform is publicly available and well-known in the market. Over the years, we have proven ourselves to be strong product and platform producers.

What major trends are you seeing in product and platform development? How should enterprises be preparing for these trends in 2019?

The move to the cloud is a big one. Cloud migration has been around for a while, but now it has really entered a much more active phase. This, in turn, requires more DevOps components for deployment strategy, support strategy, and effective product architecture.

Platform development is also on the rise. Once people develop products, especially in the enterprise, they need to identify common architectures and separate platform development from product development. Many enterprises turn to platform development if they have a product suite because they are tired of running into maintenance issues and developing the same things over and over again.

Keep in mind that platform development requires special skills. It’s not just about development skills. You need to be able to identify commonly used technologies and architectures for a specific project and then identify what needs to be developed. You also need to make sure the platform serves developers well, not end users.

What are you most looking forward to in your role as VP of Exadel’s Products and Platforms Practice?

I am looking forward to creating a more specialized, smaller organization that will allow us to serve our customers better. Our team will make highly specialized skills available and create a culture of collaboration inside Exadel, so developers can share their skills and best practices company-wide. In the end, I hope we will be totally flexible, appropriately specialized, and the most qualified.

Also, I will continue to work on our own mobile app platform, For the last six years, I have been running a division that develops and all the products and services associated with it. I have helped develop multiple products on for customers while supporting and maintaining the platform itself. It has proven to be a pretty neat platform, well known in the market for delivering value to its users, and can only get better in the future.

What’s on the horizon for Exadel? What can we expect to see from the company in 2019?

Exadel is a large, professional services organization, so we are trying to create a set of very specialized practices to address specific customer needs. Instead of offering people broad .net skills, Java skills, or DevOps skills, we are looking to build fully functional teams that can provide very specific skills needed for platform and product development, for digital marketing, and for digital transformation. Within each practice area, we strive to enable developers to collaborate freely and be up-to-speed on the latest cutting-edge technologies. The practice team members are not just developers, but advisors and providers of the best solutions for each customer’s unique needs.

To learn more about Exadel’s Products and Platforms Practice, check out our website, or read the full press release.