Product World 2020: Reflections from Jonathan Fries

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At the recent ProductWorld event, more than 1,500 product managers and product developers gathered in the Bay Area to broaden their knowledge through more than 30 keynote sessions, workshops, and tutorials from some of the top minds in the industry.

This was an especially exciting “first” for our own Jonathan Fries, who took to the main stage of this exciting event on day one. Jonathan presented, “Product Development and the Cloud – from Foes to Friends.” In his session, Jonathan broke down the multi-cloud trend, explained what it means for product development, and touched on a few of the common challenges product teams face when moving to the cloud. Using real-world examples from his own experience, Jonathan shared the four best practices for combating these challenges: lift-and-shift, containerization, rebuilding, and low code.

We caught up with Jonathan and asked him a few questions about his first time speaking at a conference and his overall experience at ProductWorld 2020.

What was it like to take the stage?

The people there were very helpful and professional. The organizers and their team made sure you got where you needed to go and helped you get everything ready from the audio and presentation perspective. The conference was run very well from my perspective. The only thing that caught me off guard was how bright the lights were. I  wasn’t totally ready for the them at first! This was really when I realized that this is the real deal!

What kinds of people were in the crowd at ProductWorld 2020?

From a speaker perspective It was a little bit difficult to get a true sense of the professional demographics for the conference attendees, but I did get to meet some engaging people. I met a lot of folks from the industry, had many interesting conversations, and made some solid networking connections.

Right after my presentation, I spoke with a lot of development managers and product managers about specific questions related to cloud migration and what I had discussed in my session. Most people at ProductWorld 2020 seemed to fill this manager-and-up role, with some obvious caveats.

What did you enjoy most about presenting?

I really enjoyed sharing my expertise with the attendees. Also, I liked answering questions related to the presentation. The audience was very engaged and had a lot of thoughtful and interesting questions.

What were some common questions or comments that stuck with you from the audience?

From a majority of the conversations I had, it’s very apparent that people are still struggling with the cloud in general and especially with initial migration. There’s a business concern there for some people who want to start migrating, but have gotten pushback from their leadership. “How do I justify the cost of it?” “How do I know it is secure?” I think that’s always a concern for people now. Security was a common theme, and that does add complexity to the migration process. It also became clear, as I spoke with attendees, that a lot of companies out there haven’t even started their move to the cloud yet.

We are looking forward to hearing more about Jonathan’s experiences as he continues to share his expertise at various conferences around the country!

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If you didn’t get a chance to connect with us at ProductWorld 2020, please reach out and connect with us today.

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