Outsourcing Trends

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, more technical talent is needed in numerous organizations in retail, e-commerce, healthcare, financial services, etc. to meet the growing demand of consumers and businesses to develop digitally. Businesses accelerate their IT development to meet customers’ demand, increase internal productivity and boost market presence and product offerings. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, customers started to request more online services and they started to rely more on e-commerce, which in turn required organizations to adapt to the growing digital demand and offer better products and services.

Outsourcing IT skills starts to be a crucial strategy to keep pace with the competition and innovation, that’s why organizations are looking for IT service providers to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Read the full article on TechiExpert by Oleg Boyko, CTO at Exadel, about the outsourcing trends in 2021 and the impact of outsourcing on businesses and consumers.

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