News Roundup: Cybersecurity Awareness

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The tech world is constantly changing. To help you keep up with the twists and turns we’ve started a news roundup blog series to condense the latest and greatest updates on emerging tech and development trends. Previously, we explored the hot topic of IoT. In this post, we’ll turn to the world of cybersecurity.

This year, some of the world’s top companies saw how easy it was for their systems to be infiltrated. Xbox, Arby’s, E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA), Saks Fifth Avenue, and Chipotle are some of the companies to feel the effects of cyber attacks this year. Cybersecurity has become top-of-mind for tech executives in all industries.

Take a look at some of these recent stories:


 Why You Might Not Recognize Cybersecurity In A Few Years By Derek Klobucher | Published on Forbes

“It’s already been an exciting National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. More than “an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity,” as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security describes it, October began with bicameral congressional hearings into the high-profile cyberattack on one of the nation’s largest credit reporting agencies.”


 Cybersecurity is key for the smart cities of tomorrow By Liz Hyman | Published on The Hill

“An elaborate and choreographed network of millions of interconnected devices and sensors — otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT) — will be the backbone for the cities of tomorrow.”


 5 best practices in cybersecurity for businesses By Nirmal John | Published on Economic Times

“2017 was the year when cyber attacks finally became front-page fodder for Indian news media. It is little surprise that this coincided with the country becoming the second largest smartphone market. The lure of India for cybercriminals has never been as high and with the government embarking on their massive digital transformation project, it will become even more of a low hanging fruit for malicious actors in the days to come.”


 Cyber security a business necessity By Warwick Ashford | Published on Computer Weekly

“Cyber security is no longer optional, with 51% of companies having experienced some form of cyber attack, said Wlodzimierz Nowak, chief security, legal and compliance officer at T-Mobile Poland.”


 How blockchain security is driving digital transformations By Tim Nolle | Published on The Server Side

“Everyone knows about blockchains; it’s the technical foundation of the popular and controversial Bitcoin currency. While Bitcoin has popularized the notion of the blockchain it’s done nothing to educate IT professionals on blockchain security and the value and uses of blockchains. Here we will attempt to remedy that that problem.”

Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for the latest industry news and to read more about our own insights into some of these major trends. (We recently shared some of the top news in IoT.)