New Website and Customizable Plans for

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We’ve got a brand new website, and on top of that, we’re making it easier than ever to customize plans. This applies to all new and existing Beginners, Pro, Team and Ultimate Plans.

Up until now, if you wanted to change the parameters on your plan, you had limited options without contacting our support team. We’ve added more Plan Customization Options so you can change key aspects of your account and immediately see the cost (including discounts) before you place your order.

Our new Plan Customization Options mean:

  • Customers on the Beginner plan can now have 12 screens per app instead of five
  • Pro, Team, and Ultimate users can now select any number of developer seats from 1-50
  • Pro, Team, and Ultimate users can now have up to 50 apps on their account

For more information on exactly how each plan has changed, go to the Plans and Pricing Page on our shiny new website. If you need even more customization, feel free to contact our support team to discuss additional options.

We’ve also made it even easier to get expert development help from our team. Your only options used to be 8 or 40 hours, but with our new Support Packs, you can specify how many hours you need from our options of 5, 8, 16, 24, and 40 hours. If 40 hours is still not enough, our team is always here to discuss the options. We know that with the additional flexibility of Support Packs, you’ll be able to better leverage our team’s development assistance.

We’re so excited to offer these changes to all of our new and existing customers. Whether you were hitting the limits on the old plans and needed to upgrade, new to our platform and wondering how to get the right amount of expert assistance, or anywhere in between, Plan Customization Options will help you effectively and efficiently develop the apps that you’ve envisioned. We can’t wait to see how you put the new and improved to work for you.