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At Exadel, we realize that employees drive our success, which is why they are at the core of our company values. We encourage team members to collaborate, lift each other up, share expertise and ask questions – no matter the scale. Ensuring our employees grow professionally through continuous learning and a collaborative work environment has been key to Exadel’s growth, and it’s incredible to see how this culture has helped individuals blossom from junior members to expert professionals.

We are currently looking to add new business analysts to our team! If hired, you will be a part of the Business Analyst (BA) Community at Exadel – a community that espouses many of the core values mentioned above. In November 2020, we started the BA Department which includes the BA Community and Product Management Community. Every BA newcomer will be part of the BA Community by default and can join the Product Management Community or any other internal Exadel Communities.

Business Analyst Community

“The BA Community at Exadel is a platform for informal communication between business analysts in order to exchange expertise and advice. This is a place where you can ask questions and get answers in any area of interest related to business analysis,” said BA Department Manager and Senior Business Analyst, Maryia Babeikina.

Currently, there are about 85 members in the BA Community online group chat, which consists of all Exadel business analysts and QAs and developers who are passionate about business analysis. Anyone in this community chat can ask for advice, discuss industry trends or share details about current projects.

Beyond the online chat forum, the BA Community regularly hosts MeetUps several times throughout the year. Exadel business analysts share their experience, deliver presentations about some of the hottest topics and talk about their experience at various courses and industry conferences. Last year, for example, the community made a series of MeetUps about projects and larger Exadel customers during which they shared business analysts’ responsibilities and tasks on these projects. Another example is a soft skills MeetUp where the community presents not only business analysis topics, but also company life topics related to business analysis in some way.

Maryia shared several stories of Exadel employees’ career changes to a business analyst position. With the help of the community, a technical writer, QA engineer and technical support engineer all changed their profession!

“They did it thanks to their dedication and desire to acquire new knowledge, and the community is the place where you can get this knowledge. You are among analysts, you see people you can turn to and they always respond heartily,” said Maryia.

The BA community is actively growing – we have big plans and inspiring ideas, follow our news! If you are already our employee and want to join the community – write to Maryia directly, she will be glad to hear from you! If you have not yet joined the Exadel Family, then check out the open positions on our website, we are waiting for you!