Innovation Lab by Exadel Now Supports Full Chatbot Development

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Earlier this week, we announced that the Innovation Cloud by Exadel fully supports chatbot application development. Now, business and technical leaders will have the opportunity to build and test chatbot applications quickly and efficiently through the Innovation Lab. In a matter of weeks or less, organizations can build and test fully integrated chatbot prototypes as part of their overall business strategy.

The Innovation Lab’s cloud-based low-code development platform radically reduces the complexity and overhead of building standard UI and back-end features. This allows users to concentrate on the essential features of a chatbot implementation, enabling the production of POCs in weeks rather than months. The Innovation Lab saves time, money and resources when it comes to determining which emerging technologies, like chatbot, are right for their organization.

Chatbots are helping businesses everywhere connect with customers efficiently and the use cases for chatbots are endless.

 Dmitry Binunsky (VP Products and Platforms)

Chatbot use cases are truly endless and range from financial services organizations all the way to the fast food industry. Financial services organizations are using chatbots to help customers obtain information about loans, bank statements, and card information without having to wait in line for the next available teller. In the fast food industry, chatbots help customers place orders online and relay that information, along with any necessary customer service, to the correct restaurant location for meal prep.

The Innovation Lab offers the full implementation of a chatbot built into the platform (with Exadel services available to help). This chatbot can be trained and fine-tuned to meet business needs with no code written. Chatbot functionality is fully integrated with the rest of the platform (UI builder and MBaaS) via REST services. Using the platform’s low-code features, a fully functional chatbot app can be prototyped within weeks.

If you think chatbots might be right for your organization, reach out to us today and start building a real chatbot app for your business!