Creating an application with facial recognition capabilities requires significant investments and effort. That’s why most companies choose to integrate their applications with off-the-shelf facial recognition services instead of creating one from scratch.

Nevertheless, the total cost of a facial recognition system will include the development of business logic, third-party facial recognition software fees, and actual software production.

But there’s a way to reduce the cost of facial recognition software if you know in advance what to expect, especially for the production stage. To help you plan your project thoroughly, we:

  • Compared types facial recognition services, like SaaS, self-hosted services in the cloud and on-premise, and facial recognition services on the phones
  • Calculated facial recognition services costs
  • Made conclusions about the optimal ways of integrating facial recognition software, depending on the projects’ unique business logic and processes
  • Considered the most popular business cases with facial recognition technology, like attendance management and authorization, and calculated their costs as well, depending on the facial recognition service

The results will help you plan your facial recognition strategy and show you where you can save money.

If you are planning to integrate facial recognition software into your existing apps, you will find our facial recognition software cost analysis valuable. Watch this webinar with Serhii Pospielov, Head of the AI Practice at Exadel, who manages facial recognition projects. He’s an expert in facial recognition costs, advantages and disadvantages, and the ins and outs of implementation. You will be able to find answers to your questions and will hear Serhii’s insights first-hand.
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