Health Tech Innovation at IHRSA 2019

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Last month, it was great to attend the 2019 International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) Conference located in sunny San Diego, CA. One of the biggest health industry events in the world, IHRSA boasted more than 10,000 attendees with 100 educational speaker sessions over four days. It was great to mingle and meet with some of the leading minds in health and fitness, including representatives from well-known athletic brands and services like the Baltimore Ravens, Les Mills International, Technogym, Gold’s Gym and dozens more. You might be wondering why a digital engineering services company would have an interest in attending a health and fitness event?

At Exadel, we take pride in providing innovative technological solutions to several global healthcare organizations, and this list definitely includes health, wellness, and fitness organizations as well. Exadel has been partnering with industry leaders participating in IHRSA 2019 for many years and the Exadel team had a chance to witness the crucial role technology can play in improving everyday life. For example, at the show, we saw how biometric scanners are used to track wellness and virtual reality glasses are used to make workouts more entertaining. We witnessed how data is supreme in the modern world and how various health devices allow users to set fitness goals and track the progress of metrics like “VO2 max” through testing software. Scheduling classes and finding the best studios in your neighborhood has never been easier thanks to the proliferation of apps. Exadel is a proud technology partner enabling people around the world to improve their health and wellness.

We had a blast testing out some of the latest technologies on our own and witnessing the digital transformation revolution happening in the health and fitness industry. It’s been incredible to continue to see how technology is advancing steadily into industries that we never thought possible before, all the while improving our lives and making us healthier. Exadel is proud to be a part of this tech-fueled fitness era, and we are excited to see what else we can help organizations uncover to make the lives for better ourselves, and those around us.

One way to test out some of the latest technologies is to sign up for our Innovation Lab. Here, organizations can see how AI, machine learning, blockchain, mobile app development, and more can help support their long-term strategies. The Innovation Lab is a perfect place for health and fitness organizations to see how else they can leverage emerging technologies for their business.

It’s really exciting to be a part of global wellness and to provide innovative support to companies working in this space. Wellness is key to longevity and personal happiness. When we get a chance to work with clients in this space, it always energizes the teams involved. It’s why we seek out inspiring clients and innovators who have a focus on wellness, or who are motivated to build a better world through fitness in its many forms.

It’s clear from the amount of software on display that the industry has understood how transformational great software can be – whether it is improving people’s fitness, running better classes, or using data to make people healthier. There is a lot going on and it was a real pleasure to speak to a number of companies and individuals in attendance.

We see a real connection between wellness and innovation. Creating powerful wellness experiences and motivating people to stay healthy is both one of the strongest achievements of the mobile revolution of the last 10 years — it is also one of the best ongoing stories and probably the most significant untapped frontier. How can the connectivity and access driven by mobile computing inspire the next great wellness revolution? (The Exadel Innovation Lab is one way to find out.)

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