Global Procurement Application: Designing a Catalog Module

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Catalogue Module

Every enterprise has a complex network of buyers and suppliers for procurement that needs to be coordinated in the most efficient (and simplest) way. Exadel has extensive experience in helping enterprises with this challenge, so we rolled up this experience in a solution, Global Procurement Application (GPA), that can be customized for any business. There is an extensive set of features available in this solution. In order to help people understand what GPA can do for them, we’ve decided to share stories about different aspects of GPA. This time let’s focus on a catalog as part of this.

When buying goods or services frequently or in bulk the process can be complex and time-consuming. Here are some causes for this:

  1. Different vendors not available at one source
  2. Price and availability information not current
  3. Catalogs not available online
  4. Catalogs and product information not including adequate search functionality

What can be done to address these potential problems?  A system that aggregates all supply catalogs in one place in the cloud would be a great solution.

An aggregated catalog like this would have several advantages:

  1. Find products from suppliers in a single catalog
  2. Always access product information through the catalog even if the specific catalog from a supplier is unavailable
  3. Search for products by any attribute (like description or string of characters) that might help you find products significantly faster (full text search is supported, as well as search by barcode)
  4. Compare products from different suppliers to find products with the most appropriate specification and price
  5. Filter for just those products that are available for purchase (for example, contract with the supplier hasn’t expired, product is currently in stock, order comes through a particular cost center of your organization, etc.)

It’s a great idea, but building such software is very expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, we’ve already built it as one of the modules of Exadel’s Global Procurement Application. This is a customizable product in the form of a cloud application that has already been successfully used by some of our top clients.

Here are some examples of how the user interface looks:

Figure 1: Catalog with search filters 

Figure 2: Product details

The aggregated catalog is a modern cloud application, so customers don’t have to worry about doing installations and upgrades themselves. As soon as the customer’s suppliers’ catalogs are loaded into the application, the buying process becomes very simple and intuitive, just like Internet shopping. Beyond the out-of-the-box features, Exadel can extend this product based on the customer’s special needs.

Stay tuned for more details about the different aspects of the Exadel Global Procurement Application.