From Vision to Decision: Exadel Launches Innovation Lab

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We recently launched the Innovation Lab by Exadel giving organizations of all sizes access to a platform for experimenting with leading-edge tech, testing hypotheses, and steering business decisions.

Our Innovation Lab blends an integrated customized platform with technical consulting for IT leaders to quickly build and test these technologies with ease. Built on the success of (a low-code mobile application development platform), the Innovation Lab is a cost-effective and efficient solution to help drive innovation in the enterprise.

With this new Lab, enterprises can test blockchain, AI, chatbots, machine learning, Ethereum, Nexmo, mobile apps, and more before investing heavily or taking a risk on new and expensive technology. The Innovation Lab helps enterprises determine how they can solve business problems and provide real value with new cutting edge technologies.

The Exadel Innovation lab lets Scrum product owners and business decision makers evaluate these technologies and test hypotheses that may have a hard time fitting into normal development. You can resolve these technology decisions without impacting your primary product backlog.

Key Features

The Innovation Lab comes as a convenient packaged solution including:

1. An experimentation platform that is:

  • Integrated with the latest technologies (mobile, AI, blockchain, chatbot)
  • Hosted and browser-based—no capex, no installs
  • Rapid and low code—build with minimum work and get results in days

Your platform on the Innovation Lab will be based on a preliminary conversation with our experts that is focused on establishing a strategy. Exadel consultants will then help customers build tangible prototypes using technologies of their choice.

2. Experts that are:

  • Available to consult and provide support at all times

From initial contact to the completion of the project and everywhere in between, Innovation Lab technical experts will be on hand to help answer all of your toughest questions. If a viable solution is created, Innovation Lab specialists can continue collaborating with you to take the original proof-of-concept to a tangible, finished project.

3. An approach that is:

  • Agile, iterative, and fast
  • Collaborative—bringing stakeholders together in real time

The Innovation Lab platform encourages and facilitates collaboration. We believe that business and IT can work together in an agile fashion and monitor progress daily.

4. A structure that allows a cost-effective strategy to:

  • Build and test before making big investments and implementing

By enabling application development and support services with new technologies, the Innovation Lab provides technology evaluation in a low-code, application development environment. This helps organizations and developers determine if, and how, trending technologies can solve today’s most complex business problems. This allows organizations and executives to test the ROI of these new technologies before committing to a large investment.

Support throughout the Cycle

As an organization moves through the cycle from vision to decision, the Innovation Lab always has something to offer. Once a feature cycle is complete, the Exadel DevOps solution can provide a means to deploy a full, containerized solution utilizing best practices for Kubernetes, security, containerization, and QA Automation. The DevOps solution is available as a complete solution or as separate modules to significantly shorten the time to bring an environment online.

We are incredibly excited about the launch of the Innovation Lab, and are looking forward to working with some amazing companies from all over the world.