Fima Katz Talks Fintech at European Conference

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The Conference of the Chamber of Brokerage Houses is an annual meeting of the leading figures involved in the capital market in Poland including investors, brokerage houses, banks, government bodies, government organizations, and stock exchanges. On March 9th-11th, the conference celebrated its 18th year.

Janusz Fajkowski, General Manager of Exadel Poland, with Fima Katz

Exadel was a main partner for the conference, and our Polish offices were well represented in attendance over the course of this three-day conference. The conference included 11 discussion panels spanning topics from how the government can foster the development of the capital market, to the role of Poland’s capital market in Central and Eastern Europe, to the capital market for funding new technology development.

Exadel’s CEO, Fima Katz, participated in a discussion panel devoted to how Fintech is changing contemporary capital markets. He was able to share the lessons learned from Exadel’s incredible depth of experience in Fintech as the panel covered a variety of facets of this topic, including algorithmization of investment and management processes, blockchain, and ICOs & tokens.

Fima was also interviewed by local media outlets.

Investors TV

Warsaw Securities Exchange Group TV

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