Exadel’s Digital Insights Webcast Series Rolls Out

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Back on June 22 we announced the launch of our Digital Insights webcast series to explore the trends affecting the work of enterprise software in furtherance of the huge leap coming in technology’s impact on how business at all levels will be done — often called Digital Transformation. The first four are slated to be presented by our VP of Software, Jonathan Fries.

Webinar #1: Check!

On June 28, we started the ball rolling with a first webinar on “AI in the Cloud.”  Jonathan discussed the competing cloud-based AI products from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. And, then he covered how to get the most out of cloud-based AI and took a peek at what’s coming next. You can check out the webinar recording on our YouTube channel or just review the presentation deck on our SlideShare account.


We have 3 more webinars scheduled for now with more to come. (All webinars start at 10am US Pacific time.)

July 12, 2018: E-commerce Trends

What we’ll be talking about:

  • Personalization – driven through AI and mobile
  • Frictionless checkout – don’t make it hard for the customer to pay you
  • Moving outside the browser – mobile, push-button, self-replenishment, voice
  • The rise of the community-led brand – letting fans help you sell
  • Diversity in the marketplace – selling to a global audience


July 26, 2018: Blockchain Trends

What we’ll be talking about:

  • The Shifting Balance of Power – Blockchain enables commerce between distributed parties without the need for a centralized power.
  • Blockchain for the Public Good – Expect to see changes in civic life related to blockchain technologies.
  • Triple Entry Accounting/World Wide Ledger – A company recording all of its transactions on the blockchain.
  • Micropayments – Realized at last?
  • IoT and Autoclearing Transactions – Imagine paying for your groceries automatically by simply walking out of the store.


August 9, 2018: Enterprise Software Development Trends

What we’ll be talking about:

  • Dev Ops First – whether it’s automated testing, instrumentation, monitoring, or performance
  • Serverless Architecture – giving developers what they want, the ability to code and ignore everything else
  • 100% Test Coverage – a seldom achieved goal, but more achievable with more robust tools and greater focus on APIs and client test tools
  • Hybrid Architectures – a mix of cloud and on-premise technologies for solving different problems


More Webinars, More Other Events

Check out our Events page to keep up-to-date on more webinars as they get slotted in and on all of our other events.