Exadel-sponsored STEM Lab Opens in Vileyka

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In these troubled times, it’s important to still think about the future. One of the things we at Exadel would like to return to working on in more normal times is our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. We had earlier discussed the start of our program and our first project goal in a post. Finally, (just before the COVID-19 crisis would take hold) we opened a STEM lab with our partner, Education for the Future, a Belarusian charity organization dedicated to helping kids learn about IT.

After a year of fundraising efforts and generous donations from Exadel employees the STEM Lab opened in Vileyka, Belarus on February 28, 2020. On the opening day, students and teachers from Secondary School No. 3 in Vileyka gathered together for a STEM party, where students demonstrated projects in front of a crowd of administrators, teachers, sponsors, and members of the local media.

Why a STEM Lab?

Since the end of 2019, our company has focused on how we can give back to the people of Belarus — the country where the majority of our employees work and live. The most direct line between what we can offer and what will help the country is continuing the integration of IT into people’s daily lives. Along the way, we found a partner in Education for the Future already skilled at the kind of projects we wanted to do.

Reflections on the STEM Lab Opening

At the lab opening, a representative of Education for the Future highlighted how our way of funding the lab, through small donations generated by in-house events, was totally new to their organization. They were quite impressed.

One of our CSR team shared this heart-felt thought about the opening:

The children who attended the event understood that Exadel did not simply write a check to their school in order to tick a CSR box. Hundreds of individuals within the company put their hearts, souls, time, and effort into giving them opportunities that they otherwise would not have.

What Next?

Even though Exadel has hunkered down to focus on delivering maximum value to our customers through the day-to-day of the current crisis, we’re still thinking about our next CSR project. When things become more “normal,” come back and see what we come up with.

See some pictures from the opening party in this album.