Exadel is Looking for Sales and Marketing Professionals

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Exadel is a people-first organization. We believe in developing win-for-all solutions that meet company, employee and customer needs. Exadel advocates for continuous learning and a collaborative work environment – and we love to see employees rise through the ranks. We believe leadership should be approachable and we value input from all employees.

Exadel is hiring for several sales and marketing positions! We encourage qualified candidates located in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan to apply. If you are a results oriented, team player with strong time management skills – you might be a good fit for a sales and marketing position. You’ll join a team of passionate and dedicated experts, who truly care about your goals and the vision for your career.

“The sales and marketing team is a determined group of individuals who offer a variety of creative, analytical and communication skills,” said Marc Caponegro. “With these combined skills our team brings leadership to the market and helps drive company growth. We are thrilled to see this talented team grow.”

The sales and marketing team is growing! If you are an Exadel employee and want to join the community, please contact Marc Caponegro. If you have not yet joined the Exadel Family, then check out the open positions on our website, we are waiting for you!