Exadel Is a Top Mobile & Software Development Firm!

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Here at Exadel, we are proud to share our recent inclusion in Clutch’s press release! Clutch, a Washington, D.C. based research, ratings, and reviews platform has recently released their industry leaders across a number of segments and geographic locations. The industry leaders are determined through analysis of client reviews and through Clutch’s own ranking system. Clutch obtains client reviews primarily through interview-style phone calls. We were featured as the number one Mobile App Developer, Android Developer, and iPhone Developer in Denver. We were also featured as a leading Software Developer, UX Designer, IT Service firm, and Web Developer!

Not only have we been included as an industry leader on Clutch, but we are also pleased to mention our previous success on Clutch’s website. We have been ranked with an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars! This rating from our clients also comes with quite a bit of client feedback on Clutch’s site. Because of Clutch’s in-depth interviews, our clients are able to closely detail our services. We have received some pretty kind reviews that we are very pleased to share. Here are just a few of these reviews:

“They not only work long hours but also sacrifice many, many weekends during critical implementation periods to ensure that applications go live without issues. Even if we encounter problems, they didn’t really care what time in the morning it was…The level of commitment was remarkable.”

“From the top management down to the account executives, this wasn’t a big account to them, but they delivered personalized service, nonetheless.”

“Again, it was just their level of attentiveness and their responsiveness. We never had trouble connecting with our dedicated resources. They don’t fall off the radar on you.”

“They understood what we were looking for…and why we were doing this.”

While this feedback constitutes a pretty definitive testament to Exadel as it is, we’d still like to share one more accolade. We have also been featured on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest! Exadel has been included as one of the Top 15 Software Development Companies in Denver. We couldn’t be happier with all of the positive feedback we have received from Clutch and The Manifest! Be sure to check out our full reviews on our profile on Clutch for an even more in-depth overview of our performance.