Exadel Internal Hackathon Generates Outstanding Digital Solution PoCs

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Three weeks of hard work by six teams culminated in a final ceremony that felt more like a friendly competition than a heated showdown.

The internal hackathon, organized by one of Exadel’s Senior Delivery managers and the head of our Expert group, is the latest in a series of events designed to generate ideas for future Exadel solutions, frameworks, products and approaches.

Exadel has a long history of mixing digital product development with a traditional outsourcing business model. The internal hackathon is part of a broader initiative set by Lev Shur, President of Exadel Solutions, to embrace our product development history and create more solutions of our own.

To this end, the internal hackathon approach was simple yet powerful.

Participants were sourced from an in-process project that Exadel has been working on for four years already. The Devs, QAs, and BAs on the front lines have the unique perspective of understanding what solutions would help their own processes on the project as well as the customer in general.

Some teams created solutions comparable to those already used on the project that sought to address various shortcomings. Some created tools to make their own work on the project faster or easier. And others searched for pre-existing open-source solutions they could modify to fit their needs.

At the end, the 23 participants presented their solutions in front of a panel of expert judges from various departments within Exadel.

There were two clear victors in the hackathon, though two other teams did such outstanding work, they ended up tying for third-place.

Here’s a summary of the entries and results:


  • First Place: CRISP – A Chrome extension for a Test Automation framework that helps users avoid routine automation tasks
  • Second Place: ExTab – Machine learning-based data capturing software
  • Tied for Third-Place: Meta-info Generator – Frontend Meta-Info generator and Page Object transformer for the QA Automation team
  • Tied for Third-Place: Schemathesis — Schema-based API testing using an open-source tool

Honorable Mentions:

  • NEST data map – A Node.js package for loading and transformation Raw Data using a declarative approach
  • Data Collection Automation by Jet C team – An approach that helps to reduce the enormous time and human effort spent on data collection

Participants were able to select their own prizes depending on how they placed.

Although the final ceremony concluded the evening of July 1, 2020, it marked the beginning — not the end — of the solutions.

Participants now have an opportunity to map out the future development of their solutions with Lev. Lev will help prepare the top teams to eventually pitch their ideas to external customers and possibly devote further resources to flesh out the concepts into mature solutions.

Second place winner Tatiana, who helped create ExTab, captured the mood when she said: “Sure, I’m excited about the smartwatch I won, but that doesn’t even compare to the opportunity to pitch to our customer. Our team is over the moon about the prospect of turning our concept into a solution that helps the project and the company.”