Exadel Establishes Cooperation with Lazarski University

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Cooperation Lazarski University

This summer, Exadel established a collaborative partnership with Lazarski University. Exadel experts will teach students how to apply the most up-to-date technologies to successfully meet business needs. The most promising graduates will be offered a job opportunity at the company, or participation in internships at Exadel’s overseas offices.

Exadel sees Poland as a key location for business and partnership development, and Darren Oberst, CEO at Exadel, is looking forward to welcoming new employees on board as a result of this agreement. “As a company, we hope to be a good employer who can invest and help in the development of talented Polish programmers appreciated all over the world,” adds Oberst.

To learn more about the details and desired outcomes of this collaboration, read the full post on itwiz.pl.

The Rekruter magazine also highlights the beginning of Exadel and Lazarski University’s collaboration. Because of Exadel’s increased hiring (the plan is 2,000 new employees in two years), the company is running programs that offer major benefits to students through practical knowledge and a pathway to full-time positions. ” Read the full article on Rekruter to hear more from Exadel’s leadership .