Exadel Developers Take on COVID-19 Challenges with Employee-Led Hackathon

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Exadel Developers Take on COVID-19 Challenges with Employee-Led Hackathon


As the world slowly begins to open up, life remains drastically different than it was in early 2020. While we’re cautiously easing back into “normalcy,” the pandemic that transformed our lives and businesses is far from over. If anything, we must remain resilient and flexible, because there’s no easy way to predict how this will play out in the coming months.

On the business side of things, digital transformation is a core focus and necessity across industries as we grapple an ever-fluid global situation. Digital solutions are the key to helping businesses stay afloat and experience much-needed transformation. For the software developers and engineers of the world, this presents an opportunity (and a responsibility) to create the solutions that businesses need in order to thrive in our changing world.

Exadel recently hosted the “Appery.io COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon“, which invited the global developer community to help build digital solutions that solve challenges posed by the Coronavirus. In addition to the global Hackathon, we also wanted to give Exadel employees an opportunity to leverage their creativity and innovation. So, we hosted a hackathon among the internal Exadel team to empower our developers to take advantage their innovative and unique talents to further the cause and contribute to the development of solutions for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Using Appery.io, Exadel’s low-code application development platform, our developers focused on areas like healthcare, mental health, assistance for the elderly or vulnerable, improving remote work, financial stability and maintaining a sense of community. Among the Exadel staff that participated in the hackathon, we received several amazing entries, and we are pleased to announce the top three projects.

Internal Hackathon Winners Include


1st Place: Health Monitor
Developer:  Alexandra Abramovich, Software Engineer, Exadel Belarus

Health Monitor connects doctors and patients. Patients can update their symptoms, notifying doctors of changes in their condition without needing to meet face-to-face. If a patient fails to report their symptoms or their condition moves outside the predefined norms, doctors are automatically notified and can take appropriate action.

2nd Place: Deep Breath
Developer: Alena Vasilchenko, Junior Software Engineer, Exadel Belarus
Deep Breath is a relaxation app intended to keep users calm during the pandemic. The app features a number of timed meditation exercises as well as an assortment of relaxing nature sounds to aid in sleep. The app was essentially market-ready when submitted with a beautiful design and a plan for expanded functionality.

3rd Place App: Walks2Go
Developer: Evgeniya Astrovskaya, Junior Software Engineer, Exadel Belarus

Walks2Go provides interesting walking routes to people looking to get out of their house in a controlled and safe manner. Users can select the start distance from their current location, the length of their walk, and review a list of suggestions that fit their criteria along with a map of the route.

Not only did the external Exadel hackathon produce a number of valuable digital solutions, but the internal hackathon was an amazing opportunity to rally Exadel’s global development team around an important cause and empower our talented developers to creatively find solutions to global disruption that will improve businesses and people’s lives.

If you missed out on our first Hackathon or you want to participate again, stay tuned for updates about future Exadel Hackathons!