Exadel Developer Spotlight: Meet Travis Bolinger

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Travis Bolinger is a Senior Software Engineer based in Boulder, Colo. Travis has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Wyoming bringing a strong technical focus in mobile and research and development.

Learn a little bit more about Travis’ career journey, what he is passionate about, and why he chose to help lead Exadel into the future of software development.

What is your greatest customer achievement?

I was working with one of Motorola’s R&D teams (owned by Google at the time) developing an app to synchronize music between multiple phones. Essentially you would make a group with nearby phones who also had the app. One user would pick a song, and seconds later all the phones would be playing the song at exactly the same time. There were a lot of technical challenges associated with this including audio latency, different clocks, and network connectivity issues.

Ultimately we were able to solve it by using NFC to allow devices to connect to an ad hoc wifi-direct group that we created. Once connected to the group, we designed an algorithm to synchronize the clocks among multiple devices. We also designed an algorithm that determined the audio latency on the device by playing audio and then checking the playback position after a known amount of time. It then used this in conjunction with the clock/network latency to start playing a song at exactly the same time as every other device in the network.

The technical challenges were immense, but then it was really rewarding to find a solution that functioned very well and met all of our customer’s needs.

Why did you choose Exadel?

I was part of Amadeus before we merged with Exadel. I have always enjoyed the quality of my co-workers—it’s truly a pleasure to work with them to solve challenging problems. Even when things get hard, everyone is level headed and committed to getting the work done. Plus, who wouldn’t want to work out of beautiful Boulder!

What are your passions?

I play soccer once a week and enjoy playing video games when time permits. Of course, I spend a lot of my free time with my wife and our four-year-old daughter. We particularly enjoy playing sports and walking with our two dogs (Boxers).