Exadel Developer Spotlight: Meet Mikhail Andrushkevich

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Mikhail Andrushkevich is a program and delivery manager based in Minsk, Belarus. He has a Master of Science in computer science. Mikhail’s technical focus is software development processes.

Get to know more about Mikhail: his most significant achievement at Exadel, why he chose to work here, and his biggest passions.

What is your greatest customer achievement?

We had a customer who was very particular about tracking all projects in MS Project Gantt diagrams. There were several separate projects for any one team, and the customer changed assignments a couple of times a week. As a result, project plans were constantly being updated.

We needed to incorporate the updates quickly to get a forecast and to understand milestones and deadlines, which also had fluctuating priorities. Usually in a day or two priorities and assignments were changed, and all plans became outdated. Keeping several project plans updated took a lot of time. Also, the plans didn’t provide enough information because of the constantly changing circumstances.

The answer–I developed and proposed a solution based on (Atlassian) Jira’s Agile functionality. Several Kanban boards for different projects were created to track progress, as well as corresponding milestones on various projects. One common board for the scope of all projects was designed to track and analyze team velocity and load.

The main advantage of the proposed solution was the visualization of trends for separate projects, as well as being able to use burndown charts. We explained the concept of the burndown chart to the customer, and he was persuaded to move all his project tracking into Jira. As a result, we increased project clarity, saving hundreds of hours for the project manager, the team, and, most importantly, the customer.

Why did you choose Exadel?

Exadel offers many opportunities to grow, a friendly atmosphere, courteous and professional colleagues, and excellent management.

Three key things stand out for me in making this a place I am proud to work at:

  1. Our strength is in our people. We aren’t as single-minded on management using KPIs. While we do look at KPIs, the people in our company are also allowed to make decisions based on their professional experience and common sense.
  2. Exadel is known as a company that has created several tools for the developer community (for example, JBoss Developers Studio, JBoss RichFaces, Appery.io). These are good in themselves, but these tools also signify the product-oriented focus Exadel brings to all projects.
  3. We don’t just do one project for one client, and that’s it. Most of our clients continue working with us after the first release and open new projects. We have many clients that have worked with us for more than 10 years.

What are your passions?

Family, reading books, skiing, and traveling.