Exadel Developer Spotlight: Meet Alexander Antsypov

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Alexander Antsypov is a software architect at Exadel and Head of Development for Appery.io located in Minsk, Belarus. He has a master’s degree in computer science and completed his thesis “Software Reliability Prediction” in fulfillment of a PhD course. As lead developer of Appery.io, Alexander is responsible both for technical and non-technical decisions (including defining development direction, market analysis, and conducting presentations.)

Alexander is also head of the mobile community at Exadel, organizing meetups, hackathons, presentations and conducting research in this area. The vast majority of his experience has been in leveraging Java, J2EE, Blockchain (Ethereum), Serverless, and AI as well as front-end development (JavaScript, Angular, Ionic etc.).

Get to know more about Alexander, his most significant achievements at Exadel, why he chose to work here, and his biggest passions.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Working at some of the top companies in world: SAP, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Australian Telecom and developing applications used by millions of people around the globe is something that I take an immense amount of pride in. Although, the most significant professional achievement in my life has to be my continued work with Appery.io. Appery.io is one of the most popular and powerful mobile platforms in the world with more than 400,000 users including companies like AT&T, TATA, Franklin Templeton, ESPN and more. What I find most valuable about Appery.io and the work that I do, is giving ordinary people the power and freedom to build highly functional and unique mobile apps.

Why did you choose Exadel?

Before coming to Exadel, I worked for some very large companies as mentioned above. While they provided me stability, their development speed was too slow, technology was out of date and the freedom to work on projects and other areas of interest began to fade into the fulfillment of bureaucratic duties on a daily basis. Exadel restored that freedom and gave me the opportunity to work on my dream project, Appery.io. Here at Exadel, there is a true feeling of equality amongst employees which fuels creativity and drives collaboration, unlike most large companies where bureaucratic activities would interfere with this type of environment. Along with this ideal working environment, Exadel gives us the opportunity to work and experiment with cutting edge technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, hybrid mobile development and much more.

What are your passions?

Spending time with my two daughters is my real passion and the primary use of my free time.
When I do manage to find some free time however, I enjoy playing basketball, skiing, swimming and other physical activities.