Exadel Announces New Blockchain Solutions for a Variety of Industries

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Did you know Exadel provides leading-edge blockchain mobile development solutions?

That’s right. Our experts in Ethereum and blockchain development have crafted a solution for building mobile applications for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). After having successfully provided this blockchain solution to customers, the mobile division of Exadel now offers an out-of-the-box integration with the blockchain Ethereum platform for apps developed with its Appery.io mobile app platform, enabling customers to more easily launch an ICO and create a mobile application for the token.

This expansion in blockchain expertise is great news for many of our enterprise customers, particularly in industries such as healthcare and real estate. These companies handle sensitive information and strive to harness the most secure technology possible when building the applications that run critical business.

Blockchain technology provides more peace of mind for these industries, recording information in “blocks,” chained together that are decentralized and less susceptible to tampering. To take a deeper dive into what blockchain is and why financial institutions and other industries have adopted these technologies so quickly, check out the recording for this webinar given by Jonathan Fries, our VP of Development.

This is just another area where Exadel is helping its customers stay at the forefront of the digital transformation and take advantage of the most advance technologies. Our high standards, excellent customer service, and reliable secure solutions have catapulted customers worldwide ahead of the curve.

Find out more! Read what our CEO Fima Katz has to say about our blockchain solutions in this press release here.

To learn more about how Exadel can help your organization implement blockchain technologies for mobile development, please get in touch today.