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We recently sat down with InData Labs CTO Alexey Tsiunchik to discuss the ways in which our Kubernetes deployment solution, CrossKube, can help support InData’s initiatives. InData Labs is a leading data science firm and AI-powered solutions provider helping businesses of all sizes gain valuable insights into data, automate repetitive tasks, enhance performance, and prevent cost overruns. As their clients increasingly move to the cloud, this creates another layer of operational challenges, especially when implementing AI and big data technologies at scale. During the interview, Alexey shared InData’s cloud challenges, and why CrossKube is a viable solution to address the complexities of cloud deployments.

What is InData Labs and what types of solutions do you provide?

InData Labs was founded in 2014 and since then has grown as a leading data science firm and AI-powered solutions provider. On staff, we have more than 50 data scientists, engineers, architects, analysts, and designers who serve global clients in industries like finance, travel, e-commerce, and digital health. We take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions that help organizations adopt emerging technologies and in providing them the analytics and insights to drive value.

What are some current challenges you are facing with the shifting trends in technology?

Working with clients to create big data and machine learning (ML) environments, we always run into a lot of deployment and environment challenges. More often than not we need to spin up new environments to support our work. Clients are very diverse and we need to meet them where they are, in terms of cloud hosting. With the proliferation of cloud providers and the challenges of deploying Kubernetes to any cloud at scale, we are looking to better streamline setting up new environments to fit our clients’ cloud needs. The good news is that tools exist today to make this easier. I was especially excited to hear the announcement about CrossKube from Exadel.

What is CrossKube and why do you believe it will help solve cloud complexity challenges?

CrossKube is a Kubernetes-based enterprise infrastructure tool that uses Terraform to deploy a scalable, containerized environment to the cloud. Since we need to deploy our ML environments to any cloud provider, we need to have the kind of infrastructure as code that does not restrict us to one cloud provider. Solutions like CrossKube are critical when it comes to providing a packaged solution that can deploy sophisticated, containerized applications to major cloud providers.

In addition to standard Kubernetes tools and environments, the CrossKube application suite also has a very strong set of application components that are preconfigured and ready to be deployed. Whether it’s monitoring with Zabbix, code quality with SonarQube, deployments with Jenkins, or custom microservices, Exadel’s CrossKube makes these components available right out of the box.

A big thank you to Alexey for taking the time to share with us the InData story and how CrossKube is solving the challenges many organizations are facing when moving to the cloud. If you’re struggling with cloud deployments, reach out to one of our experts to get started with CrossKube: https://exadel.com/services/digital-transformation/devops/crosskube/

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