CompreFace 0.4.1: Our Face Recognition Service Gets an Update for Better User Experience

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Hi everyone! We have amazing news! We’ve introduced the CompreFace 0.4.1 minor update that we think will give you an even better experience with the platform.

What Changed?

  • We added both a header and a footer for our demo page. Now you can check out our demo before registering, then easily navigate to the sign up page once you’re comfortable with the program
  • Instead of displaying only one face, now the demo and test pages display all the recognized faces
  • When your user session expires, you’ll get a reminder message letting you know you’ve been timed out and need to log in again
  • If you upload incorrect photos, you’ll get relevant error validation messages
  • We’ve improved the autocomplete function so that it works for full and partial names and emails
  • We provided consistent access to the roles system and got rid of the previous errors

Feel free to try out CompreFace and enjoy the improvements!