How to Run a Successful Sprint Planning Meeting

Jun 18, 2021

A successful Sprint starts with effective Sprint Planning. Let’s figure out how to hold Sprint Planning meetings in a productive way.

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Techniques and Practices for Product Backlog Refinement

Jun 16, 2021

Regular Product Backlog Refinement is a necessary process in Agile development. In this article, the Exadel Agile team shares a few ideas that will help Scrum teams with effective Refinement.

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Three Reasons to Include Agile in Your Software Engineering Strategy

May 15, 2021

Alexander Lemiasheuski, Delivery Director at Exadel, shares his insights on why adopting Agile is beneficial for digital platforms and product development. Here are his top three reasons to adopt Agile.

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How to Get Started with Continuous Monitoring

Apr 16, 2021

What is continuous monitoring and what are the best practices for doing it efficiently? CTO Oleg Boyko breaks down everything you need to know about continuous monitoring.

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What is the Best Facial Recognition Software to Use in 2021?

Mar 23, 2021

Our lead of AI Solutions takes a closer look at the best face recognition services on the market and provides his expert opinion on how to make the right choice.

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What IoT Trends Will Make an Impact in 2021?

Feb 11, 2021

With IoT on the rise, what trends should tech and business leaders keep in mind for this year? Sergey Bondarev, Director of Engineering at Exadel, looks at how edge computing, AI and more will make waves in the IoT market.

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