Sling RepoInit: a Handy Tool to Manage Content and Users in AEM

In this article we will talk about Sling Repoinit — a tool which helps pre-create users, groups, and content, as well as easily set up ACL permissions.

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Deploying Multiple Machine Learning Models on a Single Server

Dec 18, 2020

Many real-life Machine Learning use cases imply multi-tenant architecture and require training a model for every user. As a result, you may end up with thousands of ML models running a single server, which affects the application’s scalability and manageability. Here’s how we can solve this problem.

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A New, Easier Way to Switch Between both Environments and Modes

Developing web projects means you’ll be using multiple environments and sometimes multiple modes. This article explains why you’d use all those environments and modes and introduces a new Google Chrome extension that’ll help you easily switch between them.

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AEM Tip – Solving Issues with Values and Fields

Extending AEM Components can lead to issues and inconsistent behavior. In this article we’ll take a look at one such issue related to default values in authoring dialogs and provide some helpful tips based on our practical experience.

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Using AEM Modernization Tools

In this article we will talk about how to switch from Static to Editable templates in AEM using “AEM Modernization Tools”.

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How to Publish High-Priority AEM Website Pages Faster

Sometimes there is a need to urgently replicate a website page, but the replication queue is full of other pages. This article offers practical advice on quickly publishing high-priority AEM website pages.

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