Artificial Intelligence in HR: benefits and use cases

Jul 8, 2021

Why is there a growing need to innovate and use AI solutions in Human Resources? Discover AI’s greatest value-adds, get real-life examples of Artificial intelligence in HR, and check out a business case of AI implementation in a Human Resource consultancy

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How to explain GitOps in plain English

Jul 1, 2021

What is GitOps, why is it important, and what benefits does it bring to IT projects? These IT leaders share their thoughts.

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Exadel Announced the Creation of a New AI Practice to Help Modern Enterprises Solve AI Business Challenges

Jun 23, 2021

Exadel announced a new AI Practice to help clients solve their business challenges with actionable insights.

Read the article Announced its New Fully Customizable and Ready-to-Go App Templates

Jun 22, 2021

Check out the new templates that make low-code application development more accessible and much easier.

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Exadel Announces New Office in Georgia to Strategically Grow Technology Talent

May 17, 2021

Exadel has announced that it has expanded into the Georgian market to grow its engineering capabilities.

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