A Rundown of DevOps Trends: Adapting to the New Normal and Predictions for 2021

Jan 19, 2021

How can DevOps teams adapt to this new “normal?” What will DevOps trends look like in 2021? Continue reading for insights from our engineering team, some of which were recently featured in DevOps Digest

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DevSecOps Best Practices and Business Value

Jun 9, 2020

DevSecOps brings together the best of DevOps with modern security practices. DevOps streamlines and accelerates the product development lifecycle, aiming to automate as much as possible.

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Our DevOps Toolbox: The Consul Tool

Mar 10, 2020

A conversation with Alexey Korzhov, an Exadel DevOps engineer, about using Consul to simplify and accelerate DevOps work

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Our DevOps Toolbox: How Consul Works

Dec 20, 2019

Consul provides service discovery, health checks, load balancing and key/value storage for services and applications. Find out the benefits we’ve seen using it for development and business.

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Our DevOps Methodologies: Importance of Continuous Integration

Nov 27, 2019

A conversation with Mikhail Аndrushkevich, Exadel’s VP of Delivery, about the use and value of continuous integration in DevOps work

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