Artificial Intelligence in Sales and Marketing: How Smart Algorithms Help Businesses Become More Efficient and Profitable

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AI Sales

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML services can significantly impact sales results. AI in sales can help save time by helping humans complete mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing them to perform their job faster and more accurately. AI for sales and marketing purposes can be used in:

  • Lead generation strategies by accumulating a variety of data from numerous sources and channels; insights from accurate leads help to improve marketing strategy and ultimately increase sales
  • Customer behavior analytics through evaluating and following customers’ habits and preferences, also known as predictive analytics
  • Chatbots to simplify interactions with customers and assist in the customer journey via non-stop conversations, including customer service, requests, and technical support

There are many other areas where AI can be implemented (recommendation systems, face recognition, text classification, etc.) to contribute to the bottom line. But every AI solution is highly dependent on data, so it is important to accurately gather the necessary information, analyze it, and build actionable strategies.

Lev Shur, President of Exadel solutions and a member of Forbes Business Development Council, has shared his insights with Forbes about the role of AI in sales and the way it can help to achieve business development goals:

“AI is on everybody’s mind today and for good reason. If your business relies on data or generates a lot of data, you should give it a try. It does not need to be an expensive initiative; you can start small and build a few models offline to see what insights you can gain from your data. The lack of in-house expertise should not stop you as there are resources available to do it alone or with partners.”

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