– Mobile App Development so Simple, A Child Can (and Has) Done It

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In recent years, mobile apps have exploded in popularity. Research shows that as of January 2021, 92.6% used of the Internet’s 4.6 billion world wide users, used Internet services on their phones, and mobile app downloads have been steadily rising each year, It’s no wonder that business owners have been increasingly focused on creating their own cell phone applications to better connect with customers.

For most, developing a mobile app might seem like a long and daunting undertaking, but nowadays, creating a cell phone application is a fairly simple and straightforward process thanks to low-code or drag-and-drop platforms. These are easy-to-use programs that can help create sleek and functional end products, even for those with limited technical skills. is one of the leaders of this sector. It is an intuitive platform where, even as a first-time user, you can easily create a fully thought-out application. A big advantage of Appery is its reliance on the cloud – there is no need to download and install additional software. The whole program is easy to navigate and allows users to effortlessly tweak their designs or add any technical elements. There are templates and premade plug-ins in the library, but users can opt to customize their app from the ground up, creating a fully unique and standout product.

In fact, Appery is so intuitive that Dhwanil Dalal, a young elementary school student, has recently used the platform to design the winning entry for the Georgia State Virtual Technology Fair of 2022. He developed an application that helps students find mentors and friends in their field of interest. The app, called Hobby Explorer, is an impressive feat for a young child. He created the entire application using a free two-week trial, and the team at Appery decided to provide him with a free subscription to their service as a prize. If this young creator can design an award-winning application in less than two weeks, who knows what he will accomplish next!

The boy prodigy is already planning future projects, and his experience is just one example of the various developments you can undertake using Appery. Gone are the days when you needed in-depth technical knowledge to create programs and applications. Just as programmers made the jump to high-level programming languages that simplified their work and brought on an onslaught of new inventions, now low-code platforms are making the world of software development simpler and more accessible to the average person. There will always be space for tech experts, but now regular consumers can realize their unique, creative ideas as well, without high costs and additional resources.

By taking advantage of Appery, individuals and brands can now create their own applications at a fraction of the usual cost. Appery allows you to take ownership of the whole app development process and remove any surprise fees. This also has the added benefit of allowing full creative control and easy app maintenance. Customers expect brands to be responsive and accessible, and, by controlling all aspects of the application, you can quickly provide updates or reply to any queries. You can even customize your app towards specific user bases depending on location and other factors.

And, if you get stuck at any point in your creative process, Appery has a highly responsive team of customer support specialists who will be delighted to help you design the perfect application for your business. Mobile apps can serve an essential role in any project, from entertainment or commercial use to humanitarian ventures. As technology continues to evolve, limits continue to shrink. With Appery, having your very own cell phone application is no longer a massive line item – it’s a valuable tool that you can create all on your own.