This week, we released our latest open source project — CompreFace. It is an open source facial recognition application. CompreFace can be integrated as a standalone service or deployed via the cloud. Its convenient API offers state-of-the-art facial recognition.

To get started with Compreface, visit: (

CompreFace features include:

  • Open-source code and available fully on-premise. This increases data security and ensures the quality of the program. CompreFace can also be deployed on the cloud, if needed.
  • Can be set up and used without machine learning knowledge. Building in-house face recognition technology is complex and time-consuming. CompreFace allows anyone to easily integrate additional security measures without necessarily hiring outside help.
  • Uses one of the most popular face recognition methods with high accuracy. CompreFace uses deep neural networks — a highly-regarded face recognition method. CompreFace has demonstrated accuracy even when there is only one example of a face.
  • UI panel with roles for access control. CompreFace’s “roles system” controls which users can access the Face Collection. Additionally, each user can create several Face Collections based on different subsets of people.
  • Fast start with one docker command.

Learn more about CompreFace:

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