by exadel

The Innovation Lab by Exadel is a powerful platform that lets you explore and test new technologies such as blockchain, AI, mobile, chatbot, and machine learning models. We believe in…

  • Moving fast
  • Building and testing in days, not months
  • Technology that brings change
  • Working side-by-side with business

We believe in innovation!

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  • Integrated – latest technologies in one place (mobile, AI, blockchain, chatbot)
  • Hosted – browser based, no capex, no installs
  • Rapid – low code, minimum work, results in days
  • Collaborative – bringing stakeholders together in real time

Skills on demand

  • Experts – available to consult and support


  • Agile – iterative, fast


  • Build and test before big investment and implementation

Speak with the Innovation Lab team to learn more, or register to use the platform and our support services.


As a technology-driven organization developing high performance solutions designed to facilitate application development and delivery, Exadel has spent more than two decades testing and experimenting with the latest technology in our application and platform development for the largest and most successful companies around the world. Performance and productivity with new technologies requires both knowledge and experience to determine how or if new technologies can solve business problems that can provide real value.

The Exadel Innovation Lab combines an industry leading development platform with Exadel consulting services where technology leaders can experiment with and learn more about trending technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile application development. By enabling actual application development and support services with new technologies, the Innovation Lab provides for technology testing in a low-code application development environment. This helps organizations and developers to determine the if, and how trending technologies can solve today’s most complex business problems.

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The Exadel Innovation Lab is an incubator of trending technologies for the developer community to quickly test end-to-end use cases with new technologies for better technology decisions.