Exadel helps the top companies in Transportation embrace the 21st century through state of the art development and solutions. From long established industry giants to tech startups, we help companies reach their technological and business goals.

We specialize in a broad range of transportation solutions and partner with companies big and small to bring new technology to their Transportation organizations. We’ve worked with enterprises to help them capture and interpret big data from cutting edge electric charging stations. We’ve helped a logistic company bring the rideshare concept to freight with a scalable platform that matches available transport with cargo. We’ve also partnered with state and local governments to help them monitor their highways and collect fares from travellers.


Exadel works with organizations of all sizes as their full-cycle technology and solutions development partner. From architecture design to implementation, product launch, and ongoing support, Exadel has the talent and dedicated resources to produce successful business results.


With 23 locations and delivery centers across the US and Europe, Exadel can meet the global demands of our clients. Our team of 1000+ developers and consultants follow Agile methodologies to develop end-to-end solutions of any scope.


Providing powerful solutions and services for architecture design, infrastructure support, multi-channel platforms, e-commerce development, mobile applications, big data resources, and digital transformation, Exadel delivers the innovation needed for a competitive advantage.

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Search system BCS Booking WebService

Exadel produces a search system for Grothe Technology that performs essential searching and booking functions for top-end travel booking clients. Learn more

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