Transportation &
Logistics Software Solutions

As part of our transportation and logistics software development services, we help companies optimize their business performance and increase revenue. We develop custom logistics and transportation management systems with supply chain and warehouse management capabilities.

IT Solutions for Logistics & Transportation Companies

Exadel offers a wide range of logistics and transportation software development services to help businesses reduce risks and generate revenue:

Custom Logistics Mobile and Web App Development

We build custom software and mobile apps like vehicle sharing services, ERP systems, and management software, for logistics and transportation companies

Location Tracking Solutions

We build GPS tracking solutions used for fleet, workforce, and theft management with the ability to track vehicles’ location and build geofences via mobile and web applications

Fleet Management Software

Our portfolio includes fleet management solutions that help our clients manage and track shipments, optimize fleet routes for cost savings, and increase fuel efficiency

Supply Chain Management Solutions

We develop supply chain solutions for better planning and management of shipping and delivery processes to improve information flow and mitigate risk

Warehouse Management Software

We build inventory management systems that help manage stock items, facilitate counting, filtering, and sorting, and provide analytics and store event journals

Freight Forwarding Optimization

We develop freight management platforms that support quoting and booking freight load and reduce transaction times by streamlining information sharing

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Benefits of Transportation & Logistics Management Solutions

  1. Increased warehouse productivity
  2. Enhanced customer service
  3. New delivery capabilities
  4. Inventory optimization — preventing stock-outs, automatic inventory replenishment, real-time inventory visibility
  5. Increased supply chain efficiency
  6. Reduced freight costs
  7. Efficient route planning
  8. Real-time fleet and driver monitoring

Clients Solutions

Electronic Toll

Electronic Toll Collection System

We partnered with E-470 (a leading American Public Highway Authority) to improve the development and maintenance processes of an all-electronic tolling system. Exadel also provides a long-term business analysis consultancy for the client.

Taxi Mobile App for an Online Provider

Exadel developed a comprehensive solution for a leading e-hailing company that includes mobile and web applications for riders and drivers, as well as a driver platform. The solution enables 10M trips per month, and connects users to over 50,000 taxis in 65 U.S. cities.

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Taxi Mobile App

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