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Software Development

When media and entertainment companies need the latest technology to stay competitive, they turn to Exadel knowing that we can create high-performance media & entertainment IT solutions that scale flexibly along with their business and keep users engaged.

Our Media & Entertainment Solutions Expertise

At Exadel, we create media industry software solutions that meet our customers’ internal and external goals.

Advertising Platforms

We build ad platforms that automate content distribution and allow customers to create playlists and run demonstrations

Online Gaming Platforms

We design high-production value gaming platforms and integrate them with casino operators to boost games’ popularity

Video Display Systems

We develop web-based programs with centralized access to content management for displays across multiple locations

Data Analytics Solutions

We develop solutions that help media and entertainment providers analyze data, create reports, and forecast events based on historical data

Who We Serve

Media and Broadcasting Companies

We work with global media companies, broadcast networks, and movie distribution platforms to deliver media industry software for programming, ad optimization, and content distribution.
Media and Broadcasting Companies
Casinos & Gaming Companies

Casinos & Gaming Companies

Whether it’s a small casino or a vast gaming company with multiple locations around the world, we help our clients stay at the top of their game by developing entertainment industry solutions from scratch or improving the performance of existing systems.

Data and Market Measurement Companies

When global entertainment and media information providers need a set of tools for data management, or a data analysis, they come to us because of our experience working with global leaders in the space.
Data and Market Measurement Companies

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Other Services for Media and Entertainment Companies

In addition to building media & entertainment IT solutions, we also help customers enhance their solutions, re-architect existing systems, and provide robust maintenance services.

Software Integration

We handle the integration of our customers’ existing infrastructure with external services and platforms. We use third-party and custom APIs that comply with modern architecture best practices and help you keep large quantities of diverse data in one system.

UX/UI Design

Our dedicated team of UX/UI designers will take care of your websites, journals, and media platforms to update your digital presence and create a seamless user experience. Our expertise spans user research, UI prototyping, data visualization, and more.

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Maintenance and Support

We can examine your current development and delivery pipeline for media and entertainment solutions, find where it can be improved, and enhance the delivery process from the early stages of development. We also provide maintenance services to keep your systems running smoothly.

Clients Solutions

Video System

Video Wall Management System for William Hill

Exadel developed a web application for centralized control of gambling displays at 100 sportsbooks in the United States. The app allows the customer to develop content using HTML templates and control displays at multiple locations across the country.

Management Application for the Metropolitan Opera

Exadel has been continuously supporting the client’s solution by stabilizing it, fixing bugs, and adding new features. We recently implemented an integration with the payroll system. The solution automates the upload of artist and performance details so that payroll information is correct.

Management Application

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