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Exadel provides new opportunities to school districts, colleges, and higher education institutions, and develops software solutions for remote education. We empower administrators, classroom teachers, staff, and students to manage their time better, teach more effectively, and master new concepts quickly.

Our Educational Software Expertise

We have an outstanding track record of delivering EdTech solutions that support and drive educational success.

School management software

We build school management software that helps you increase productivity by streamlining paperless administration and increasing data accuracy.

AI-based personalized learning

We enhance EdTech solutions with AI capabilities — our algorithms parse student data (including assignments, surveys, and test results) to create learning plans that best meet the needs of each and every student.

Learning management systems

We build learning management systems to administer, document, track, and deliver educational programs.

Distance learning

We offer educational app development services to help institutions decrease the communication gap between teachers and learners, especially during distance learning.

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eLearning Providers

Remote Learning

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Why EdTech

Why EdTech

With educational software development services, online learning can be effective and engaging. Advanced EdTech solutions have many benefits:

  1. Making education accessible to anyone with a device and an Internet connection
  2. Providing effective data protection and security
  3. Promoting and designing digital educational content
  4. Reducing paperwork
  5. Improving employee satisfaction
  6. Making the academic performance assessment process simple and straightforward

Clients Solutions


A System for Student Registration and Enrollment

We collaborated with a large school district to develop a custom online student enrollment system. The Exadel team established a secure, user-friendly way for students to quickly enroll in schools and gave schools the ability to approve, reject, or modify student enrollment forms online.

Sales and Admin Tools for eLearning Management Software

We helped a leading education services provider modernize their online education software platform with sales and admin tools. The upgraded educational software helps the client promote online courses, track sales data, and reach potential customers.

Elearning Management
Devops Platform

Migrating an online cloud deployment tool to a continuous deployment solution

The project is still in development mode, but once completed, it will provide users with easy-to-understand and visualized processes and a modern platform with user interface (Dashboard).

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