Exadel & Amadeus Are Teaming Up to Push Technology Innovation to a New Level

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As the founder of Exadel and Appery.io, passion for innovation is one of my driving forces. We’ve built a successful company by actively seeking new challenges and opportunities to innovate. We have a saying that exemplifies our ethos: “It’s not IT, it’s TI” – that is, Technology Innovation.

When we look at projects, we ask, “How can we take this to the next level? How can we rise above traditional IT solutions and instead develop a TI solution?” It was with those same ideas in mind that we pursued the next evolution of the Exadel family. We began to look for other companies that want to go beyond the mainstream.

As one result of this search, we are excited to announce that we will be merging with Amadeus Consulting, a premier provider of innovative software strategy and development services based in Boulder, Colorado. Amadeus has a long history (20+ years, like us) of successful, personalized software development projects that align perfectly with our Technology Innovation approach.


Exadel has been successful with Fortune 1000 enterprises, industry leaders like GHX, VeriFone and UBS. As we move forward with Amadeus, I believe their team’s technical chops and constant drive for innovative, business-result solutions, coupled with their personalized, boutique-style approach to custom development, makes them a great fit for us. By combining Amadeus’s creative problem-solving capabilities with our ability to scale projects to an enterprise level, we can make an impact in marketplaces that are ripe for innovation.

As demonstrated by our Appery.io platform, we strongly believe in the need for customized development projects that can be extended into the enterprise. The development community that has percolated on Appery.io is also a testament to the sheer number of developers trying to make an impact with innovative mobile platforms in industries that have long relied on traditional software solutions.

Both Lisa Calkins, CEO of Amadeus, and I have the same drive and passion: put us in a room, give us a problem to solve, and we bring a level of passion and energy that cannot be matched. Lisa has been identified numerous times as an exceptional leader and mentor in her field, as evidenced by the many awards she has received throughout the course of her career. That kind of ongoing recognition, to me, demonstrates a commitment to excellence. As I had the chance to speak with Lisa and get to know her prior to diving into the business side of things, I discovered that innovation and personalization were two qualities that we not only shared, but also believed to be fundamental building blocks for a successful company.

For the last 20 years, we’ve prided ourselves on delivering successful services to our clients. We’ve long promoted the idea of “brains over bodies,” and Amadeus shares that philosophy as shown in its ability to design and build applications that lead companies to new opportunities.

As such, Amadeus will continue to operate from its Boulder location, and we will continue the merging process through 2017. For exadel and Appery.io, this merger is an opportunity to expand our service offerings and technology into a wide variety of markets and projects.

Here’s to the future!