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We’re looking for full-stack developers with Ruby experience for web development.

The customer is building the world’s best ecosystem for teaching and learning. Millions of students and teachers around the world use their products, and they are always finding ways to innovate and improve the educational experience.

The customer is hiring world-class software engineers to solve some of education’s hardest problems at cloud-scale. By focusing on values — ownership, openness, simplicity, and relationships — and using a modern stack that includes Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React, Go, and Docker, the customer is changing the way that teachers teach and students learn.

About Exadel:
Since 1998 Exadel has been engineering its own software products and custom software for clients of all sizes. Headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, Exadel currently has 1000+ employees in development centers across America, Europe and Asia.

About the Customer:
The customer is an educational technology company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is the developed and published web-based learning management system and a massive open online course (MOOC) platform. The customer has seven Amazon data centers around the globe. At present, the Budapest office has 40 engineers looking to build add-l capacity in Minsk, Belarus with Exadel.

The platform has been hugely successful during the pandemic (due to the large number of students relying on it during virtual learning). 25 millions students are using the platform at this very moment.

4 add-l products:

  • Customer’s Studio: Video component of online education. Users can watch and comment, take a quiz, etc. (primarily Ruby, a little bit of GO, mostly React on front-end)
  • Catalogue: for universities/secondary education to take a class from Harvard: login, pay and take course online via catalogue (primarily Ruby, a little bit of GO, mostly React on front-end)
  • Online resource exclusively for the US market of elementary and high school students. Aimed to assess and help to understand how students are doing (primarily Ruby, a lot of GO, mostly React on front-end)

The customer is the world’s fastest growing Student Success Network. It is exclusively developed in Budapest (php, Bootstrap and jQuery and Angular on FE).

Tech Stack:
Ruby on Rails + React

Project Stage:


  • 3+ years of work experience as a Ruby on Rails developer
  • Demonstrable knowledge of front end technologies such as JavaScript, Node
  • Experience in Docker, go is a big plus
  • Experience with cloud-hosted, high-traffic applications
  • A bias to action, desire for ownership, and love for problem-solving
  • Experience in multiple programming languages (with interest in learning more)
  • Demonstrated excellence in programming, debugging, architecture, and devops — our engineers design, build, and deploy their own code
  • Strong communication skills


  • Build, deploy, and maintain the application that teachers and students use
  • Work with DevOps to reduce costs, scale traffic, and maintain site reliability
  • Write testable, performant code that can scale to millions of requests per day
  • Collaborate with other engineers to encourage using best practices, incentivize learning, and foster code reuse
  • Work with a complex technology stack that includes Ruby on Rails, Node, Go, Docker, React, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, and Memcache
  • Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle
  • Follow best practices (test-driven development, continuous integration, SCRUM, refactoring, and code standards)
  • Drive continuous adoption and integration of relevant new technologies into design
  • Attend meetings until 8-9 pm Minsk time

Advantages of working with Exadel:

  • There are plenty of opportunities for advancement at Exadel
  • You can build your expertise with Exadel Expert Groups, which provide support for existing and potential projects
  • You can join any community or create your own to communicate with like-minded colleagues
  • You can participate in continuing education as a mentor or speaker
  • You can take part in internal and external meetups as a speaker or listener
  • You can learn English with the support of native speakers
  • You can take part in cultural, sport, charity, and entertainment events


    Apply for: Senior Ruby on Rails Developer (Full-stack)

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