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Are you looking for IT jobs with relocation assistance? You’ve come to the right place! Exadel offers relocation packages to software developers, QA engineers, business analysts, and other highly skilled information technology professionals. Our Relocation Specialist* will guide you through each step of the relocation process and answer all of your questions about documents, residence options, medical insurance, etc.

The Exadel Relocation Process

Job Offer

Job Offer



Visa Process

Visa Process



Getting Set Up

Getting Set Up

Starting Work

Starting Work

Our Employee Relocation Packages Include:

Relocation package
  • Visa support
  • Dedicated Relocation Support Specialist
  • Help with house hunting
  • Relocation bonuses according to the chosen country
  • Official employment with all appropriate documents
  • Other perks depending on the chosen country

Relocation Destinations

Сome explore Exadel geography: diverse directions, colorful experience!

Relocation to USA


The United States is the largest tech market in the world, accounting for 33% of global tech output

In the USA, you can definitely find a climate that suits you; from sunny California to icy Alaska, it has everything under the sun

Relocation to Georgia


Georgia has a large and diverse technology industry with major strengths in health IT, medical devices, software development, and digital entertainment

Georgian people are famous for being hospitable and happy to assist expats

Relocation to Poland


In 2019, Poland ranked fifth in the Harvard Business Review’s list of the most tech-skilled labor markets in the world

Private healthcare is relatively cheap in Poland compared to other countries

Relocation to Lithuania


Lithuania has one of the fastest growing startup ecosystems in the region and it’s the second largest fintech hub in Europe

While living in Vilnius, you get all the benefits and quality of life typical of a European capital at a much more affordable cost

Relocation to Uzbekistan


The tech industry is one of the Uzbek economy's rising sectors — there are many incubators for start-ups and mentoring programs, like the IT park in Tashkent that opened in 2019

Uzbekistan has experienced a recent push to open to tourism, and many visitors report that locals are friendly to expats and visitors

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Here are a few stories from our employees who have already gone through the relocation process:

Devs in Tbilisi

Dzmitry Budnikau and Yuliya Budnikava

Software Engineer and Lead HR Manager, moved to Tbilisi in August 2021

“We’d been thinking about living in another country for quite a while. Fortunately, the opportunity to live in a country as beautiful as Georgia opened up with the opening of the Exadel office in Tbilisi. We immediately liked the look of Georgia for a variety of factors: the legal structure, minimal bureaucratic delays, the simple employment process, the absence of a language barrier, etc. Plus Georgia is an ideal country for travel; there’s stunning nature, mild climate, and fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. The company helped a lot during the move: the director of the Georgian office answered all our questions, and the management was very responsive, which is really appealing.”

QA in Poland

Uladzislau Parkhats

QA Engineer, moved to Warsaw in 2021

“Poland is a neighboring country that I have always liked, so I decided to try to live and work here. I have no higher education, and at the time of my move I had been working at Exadel for only six months. Nevertheless, the company approved my relocation and was very helpful with all the necessary paperwork not only for me, but for my wife as well. I am also very grateful to the Relocation Manager who constantly answered my many questions and was very supportive. We have not been living here long, but we like it: Poland is safe, stable, and you can plan your life ahead.”

Dev in Poland

Vitali Arkhipau

Software Engineer, moved to Białystok in 2018

“I wanted to experience the way people live in the EU, so I decided to move to Poland. Exadel helped me with the documents during the relocation process, and I am grateful to the company for doing everything in a timely, accurate, and error-free manner. During those years I learned how to work, recreate, and use medical services in this country, I overcame the language barrier and now I feel at home here. I would advise everyone to study more deeply the language of the country to which you are moving and not be afraid to try something new.”

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