IT Mentorships, Training,
and Certification Programs

Our success as an organization is linked to the progress of our individual employees. This is why we encourage all people in our company to train for new positions, advance in their careers, and share their knowledge through our educational opportunities.

Employee Education Programs

Through our internal IT training programs, we simultaneously advance our employees and our business.

Skill-Building & Certifications

We provide educational assistance programs that improve both the hard and soft skills of our employees.

  • Technical training programs
    Regular training in a variety of leading technologies (Go, Python, Scala, etc.)
  • English training
    Groups at various proficiency levels
    Oral English training led by native speakers
  • IT certification training programs
    Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, PSM, PSPO, CBAP, CMAP, ISTQB, and others

Community Connections

We build informal corporate education programs into our company culture to keep everybody engaged.

  • Regular meetups and external conferences
  • Personal mentoring programs of associate employees
  • Education projects for new employees and interns
  • Sandboxes for internal technical specialists

External Education Programs

We run practical job skill training sessions for people outside our organization to help them start their careers in IT. Many of our trainees find jobs in the industry straight out of our IT training programs. More than half of our trainees join our company as employees!

QA Training for Beginners

We run regular programs on the basics of QA to help trainees get their first jobs.

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Type of Training

  • Manual
  • Automation

Type of division


  • Russian
  • English


  • .Net
  • JS
  • Java

Who can apply

Everybody who is:

  • Interested in learning about testing
  • An intermediate+ level of English
  • Aware of basic technology terminology and concepts (databases, networks, a variety of programming languages)

Type of division

Applicants take a pre-selection test with two parts: technical (basic knowledge of technologies) and language (to check their level of English). Those who successfully pass the test are invited to the interview with recruiters. If the person meets all criteria and has a B1+ level of English, they can participate.

Education Process

The training consists of lectures conducted by our QA experts and mandatory homework.

Lectures include information about basic QA theory, testing including web, mobile, and security (and more!).

Type of division

Two months with lectures delivered two times per week


In the end, trainees take a final exam that proves their testing skills. The top candidates are invited to a 30-minute interview with our QA manager with a possibility of subsequent employment.

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Internships or Sandboxes

Every year, a large number of university students go through our IT internship programs, developing fully functioning software in simulated work conditions. Trainees are divided into groups to develop a project with real-world implications. Every group has a personal mentor who is in touch 24/7 and helps them work through the project. After two months, every group demonstrates their final project to Exadel specialists.


  • Technical skills
  • Sufficient level of English
  • Analytical skills

General information

  • Free training
  • Two month duration
  • Lectures are held online
  • Languages — Ukrainian, Russian, English
University Programs

University Programs

We train hundreds of students a year at leading universities across Eastern Europe. In our training programs, students complete assignments based on real-world scenarios and receive expert feedback. At the end of the program, students have the opportunity to interview for a full-time position at Exadel.

Industry Introduction

Every year, hundreds of students and professionals from other industries come to our offices to learn about how our company operates and to learn how they can get started in our industry.

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Industry Introduction

Professional Mentorship Programs

We develop extensive mentoring programs that connect employees to share knowledge, experience, and guidance.
Our corporate mentorships fit into two general categories:

Individual Mentoring

  • Three-month program
  • Trainees work on a project and develop a unique app
  • Mentors give regular feedback on performance
  • Top trainees are offered full-time positions at Exadel

Sandbox Mentoring

  • Two-month developer training program
  • Mentors provide regular feedback
  • Top trainees are offered full-time positions at Exadel

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