Being Agile

With distributed Agile we can serve you wherever you are, and match you with top international talent. At first glance it seems complicated to have people around the world coordinate as one team, but over the years we’ve managed to perfect it. When done correctly, distributed Agile is the most efficient way to quickly get working software that is relevant to the market, adaptable for market changes, and made by a highly motivated distributed team.

Our distributed Agile (whether it’s Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban) is a deeply enriching and satisfying experience for all involved — teams and customers feel close, solving issues collaboratively, and cutting out needless bureaucratic processes. You’ll have working software from the earliest sprints and have the ability to make changes as and when you see fit. When we practice the principles of Agile, it reminds us why we love to make software.

Getting the Most Out of Agile

In the Scrum approach the team is self-organized, cross-functional and designed to optimize flexibility, creativity and productivity. As our relationship grows and trust builds, teams increase their initiative and truly take on your goals. By dividing up tasks together as a team, individuals are pushed to become more active and productive. This ultimately makes them more responsible for their own decisions and actions, and improves the outcome.

We can provide any role you need in the process, but it’s likely we will fill the role of Development Team and Scrum Master. In many cases, you’ll act as the Product Owner — you’ll be responsible for deciding the work output priorities, depending on your specific (and sometimes changing) business needs.

You’ll work closely with our team to break down exactly how your software should function — taking the big ideas and translating them into small details that the Development Team will need to make them reality. At the end of the day, you are able to spend your time focusing on the big picture, knowing that our professionals are handling the execution.

Why Us

We’ve combined the use of Agile with our product development culture. Instead of approaching projects as something to build and then move on from, we build products that continuously change and adapt depending on your needs and market conditions. Our team members are actively involved, showing you how new IT trends can benefit your product to keep it both functional and relevant.

We’ve found that we are able to attract great talent using the distributed Agile approach. People usually feel empowered through Agile, and this helps to match their intellectual interests and potential with what they’re working on.

But don’t take it from us, Forrester recently named our company as one of the leaders of Agile development.

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