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Meet our executives


Fima Katz

founder, president, and ceo

Fima Katz serves as the founder, president, and CEO of Exadel. He founded the company in 1998 with a vision of fundamentally improving the way companies use innovative technology to develop mission-critical business applications. This contemporary vision proved to be successful as Exadel’s business grows by at least 30% annually.

Through his leadership, Exadel has been a forerunner in the enterprise open source solutions market and a pioneer in utilizing component-based architecture and open source approaches. Exadel has facilitated the success of its clients by radically reducing corporate costs and development time. Most recently, Fima has guided Exadel into a leading position in mobile applications, data storage, and cloud technology through the cloud-based mobile platform,, created by Exadel.

Fima has over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. He has held managerial and technical positions with major financial service companies, including Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, and Concorde Solutions, where he served as the Chief Architect of Internet Systems. In addition, he founded three other successful companies. His technical expertise includes the design of complex, mission-critical distributed object systems and the integration of legacy enterprise systems into business services. Fima is a recognized authority and speaker on distributed object architectures, open source, JAVA, XML, and DOA technologies and has co-authored The Essential Guide to Object Monitors (Wiley, 1999).

Lev Shur

president, Exadel Solutions

Lev Shur is the President of Exadel Solutions. He is responsible for the strategy, sales, and delivery of industry solutions, along with managing key alliances and partnerships. Lev is a seasoned business development executive and software entrepreneur. His successful career also includes software development and technology consulting.

In 2010, Lev merged 741 Studios, a financial technology consultancy he founded, with Exadel. Under his leadership, 741 Studios experienced exponential growth and earned a respected reputation with its clients, including American Express, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, and UBS.

Prior to founding 741 Studios, Lev was the Vice President of Analytics at LifeStreet, a digital marketing and advertising company, where he built and managed a large-scale data warehousing and analytics platform. Before LifeStreet, he was one of the co-founders of Exigen, a provider of transformational software and BPO services for the financial, insurance, and telecommunication industries, where he was responsible for new product development and scaling software development and project delivery teams. He was also employed at Concorde Solutions, a software division within the Bank of America. There, he was responsible for product management for a set of systems integration products deployed widely in the bank. Lev was also a partner at an IT consulting firm with a focus on data warehousing and analytics. Lev delivered projects for major telephone companies (ATT, Sprint, MCI, and KPN) as well as retail and manufacturing clients.

Donna Burke

vice president, technology solutions

Donna Burke is the Vice President of Technology Solutions for Exadel. She manages technology solutions for mobile and web application development in the enterprise software market. Donna acquired more than 25 years of global marketing, product management, sales, and general business management experience in software and services.

Prior to joining Exadel, Donna was the vice president and co-founder of LEC Information Systems, a company providing specialized software development and consulting services to equipment manufacturers, service providers, and software tool companies. Previously, she held senior management positions in product management, marketing, and business development with Ericsson, Raynet, and US West Advanced Technologies. Donna has also consulted for both start-up and Fortune 500 companies.

Mikhail Andrushkevich

vice president, delivery

Mikhail Andrushkevich is Vice President of Delivery. He is responsible for the delivery of Exadel solutions for clients, improving the quality of these solutions, enhancing our software development processes, and growing new leaders. He also provides senior leadership and supervision to all delivery management staff.

Mikhail joined Exadel in 2006 and since then has been working on various technical and leadership positions. He has over 18 years of professional experience working on large products as well as in services. Mikhail has a proven track record of successful delivery as a leader of multiple international teams. His area of expertise lies in project and product management, scaling Agile approaches, and creating of successful teams.

Jonathan Fries

vice president, engineering and digital transformation

Jonathan Fries is the VP of Engineering and Digital Transformation at Exadel. His work includes close collaboration with client leadership on projects, ensuring the right team is in place to deliver on features and enterprise-class availability of client software solutions. He works with internal teams in the DevOps, QA Automation, Cloud Architecture, and Agile practice areas that constitute the building blocks of our approach to digital transformation.

As the lead of the digital transformation practice area, Jonathan is focused on the technologies and approaches that allow clients to reshape their business and client relationships. The digital transformation landscape is accelerating what businesses can do and how they operate. The Digital Transformation practice at Exadel is focused on bringing together the best minds in the organization so that we can keep pace with the rate of change and help our clients push forward into the transformed future.

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