Digital Transformation

Bringing Digital Transformation
into Focus

Digital transformation is the process of harnessing technology to improve or redefine the way you do business — becoming bigger, smarter, and more productive so you can provide the most value possible to your customers.

Digital transformation comes in different forms. It can mean targeting important business functions and making them digital eg. ecommerce, tools for workers, and reinventing your supply chain. Or it can mean a complete and total reworking of your company — altering your infrastructure, your systems, and your internal software. Digital transformation overhauls mean using intelligent systems, automation, and analytics to fundamentally change the way you conduct operations and business.

Nearly every company today is already doing some kind of digital transformation. The question is: where exactly are you on this journey, and how can we help you take the next steps?

We Enable Your Transformation

It’s likely you already know how you want to change your business in order to grow, expand, make profit and stay relevant. We’re here to give you the means, as well as advice on which tools are helpful, applicable and long lasting.

We’ve worked with a very wide range of industries, but we’re not going to pretend to be experts in your business — that’s you. We’re the experts in applying modern systems and technology to help give you the edge.

You’ll determine which processes and systems to upgrade and change, we’ll advise you on which technologies to do it with, and help you make those modifications. You’ll decide which data you need, we’ll help you get it and present it. You’ll decide which data should be shared across your company, we’ll help you share it, store it and access it. You’ll understand exactly which roles should be automated in your company, and we’ll give you those automation tools and help you finetune them.

Why Us?

We’ve had a lot of experience assisting companies in different stages of digital transformation. We’ve taken on projects from scratch, and we’ve also stepped in to finish things started by others. We’ve helped companies overhaul a significant part of their businesses and also helped them build targeted tools that filled a piece of their overall digital transformation puzzle.

Digital transformation is not a destination, it’s more like a journey. In the modern world you’re never really done innovating. Companies are forced to continually grow and change to stay competitive. Digital transformation pushes us to always grow and change along with our customers, combining our intellectual interests with our customer’s needs.

Clients Solutions


Gym Management SaaS Solution for ABC Financial

ABC Financial turned to Exadel to upgrade their gym management software solution initially built with COBOL. Our team swapped the legacy code for a cloud application with a microservices architecture. Its core functional components include a member portal, secure payment processing, and a check-in system. Learn more


MercerOS Cloud Platform

Mercer tapped Exadel to create the platform at the center of its digital business, filling a key position in its overall digital transformation. MercerOS is a cloud platform that supports legacy internal applications, while taking full advantage of modern cloud technology. The platform’s services are used by over 100 Mercer apps in a range of different industries, helping the company grow and adapt to the changing marketplace. Learn more

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